because of the varied work that i do, my hourly rate generally fluctuates between $30-45/hour, billed weekly or  bimonthly.

I like to give a rough, ballpark estimate at the beginning of every project providing adjustments as work progresses. no charge for The first visit and estimate. detailed estimates, design work, purchasing, long after hours phone calls, etc. are all on the clock.

i generally avoid quotes except with furniture and simple stuff.

My vast array of tools comes with my rate. I also maintain an extensive amount of fasteners in my mobile setup.

I don’t charge cost plus on materials as long as I’m reimbursed promptly. I prefer the client puts me on their own charge accounts at the local hardware stores. any rental costs are the customers.

a small blade and bit replacement charge may be levied at the end of larger jobs.

If i make a mistake, I fix it free of charge.

any reference from a customer that gives me new business results in a discounted rate for that customer’s next job.